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Welcome! I am Lenne (pronounce: "land"); the girl behind the blog. A twenty-one year old blogger based in Malaysia. (Get to know me more here!)

I have been blogging for several years now but that does not mean I am a successful blogger. I have deleted my previous blog because homegirl cannot stand all the craps in that blog. So I made another one and this was launched in 2015. The reason I made a new blog is because I have always been inspired by other bloggers and this inspiration lead me to creating my own corner of the internet, once again. (Worth reading: How Did I Begin Blogging?)

On my blog, I talk about all things beauty, blogging and I like to throw a bit of lifestyle and personal stuff in the mix as well. Most of the time, I enjoy writing beauty related post but bear in mind I am not an expert, just an enthusiast. Sometimes, I can be quite unstable with the blog's niche. I need to get rid of it. (Worth reading: My Blogging Sins)

Have a little search around and I am sure you will find something to read. Stay for a bit and I hope you enjoy browsing through my site! x

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  1. I always called your name as Leney. hahahaha because it sounds cute. And I ain't changed that, so hi Leney! :D


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